domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Argar - CWM ANNWN Full length 2008

Genre(s) black metal

Lyrical theme(s) Hatred towards Humanity, Depression
Origin Spain (Barcelona, Catalonia)

track list :
1.Reborn in utterdarkness (part II)08:13
2.Millennium funerarium07:55
3.Bloodtears fall from heaven06:40
4.Twin of evil01:26
5.CWM ANNWN05:44
6.Blood black in the funeral winds08:36
7.She, the lady of the abyss06:26
8.Travel to Kadath02:37
9.Pure black hate05:41
Total playing time53:23
- CWM ANNWN Full length 2008

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Ebber dijo...

Magnifico album.... pero revisa tus fuentes este es del año 2000.

De ser un Re-relased por favor especificar