viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

Mayhem (Nor) - European Legions

Genre(s) Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s) Satanism, Death, Gore (early); Misanthropy, War
Origen : noruega

track list :

1.Silvester Anfang / Fall of Seraphs05:58
3.View From Nihil02:51
4.To Daimonion02:48
5.Freezing Moon06:13
6.Chainsaw Gutsfuck05:13
7.Pure Fucking Armageddon01:21
8.To Daimonion03:13
9.View From Nihil02:56
10.In the Lies Where Upon You Lay05:54
11.Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction03:58
12.Completion In Science of Agony02:09
Total playing time47:14

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